Programs are held by Love Heralds International that see to the mobilization and discipleship of many young people and the sending of the gospel. These programs happen through out the year; Camps, Gospel Campaigns, Summits, conferences, local and International missions. Partner to support programs across the year in different countries.

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Love Heralds International

Missions Building Posts

Love Heralds International is working on building missions centers. Missions post will serve as centers for the training of missionaries, retreats, libraries among other missions activities. Partner with us by giving into these projects in cash or in the form of building materials or house furnishings.


Missions farms

Love Heralds International has the initiative of missions farms that is intended to support various missions activities. These includes; (livestock farms; (piggery, goat, cattle) plant  farm (maize, yam, groundnut, beans etc) supporting missions farm will go into extending old farm initiatives and starting new farms


Community Church Building

Love Heralds International is committed to helping construct community church buildings in many rural communities where many who used to in other faiths are coming to Christ, as part of our community discipleship project. It costs about $1000 to $4000 to construct a community church, partially using local materials. The greatest gift you can give a community is a church building. Partner build a church. 


Love heralds has an ever increasing number of lay and full time ministers committed to advancing the gospel in different communities, rural places and countries. It costs a minimum of GHC 5000($100) to send a long time missionary monthly (Transport, accommodation, logistics and missionary activities)Let’s partner to send the gospel!

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