Frequently Asked Questions

Love Heralds International is a non-denominational, inter-denominational Christian missions organization that is committed to sending the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people who need to receive it, no matter where they are.

To provide every person on earth the opportunity to accept the love of God and become a new creation, especially unreached people groups and geographical areas.
  • Raising, discipling and sending of missionaries across the globe
  • Strengthening and refreshing of Christian organizations and churches
  • Forming partnership for missions.
  • Church planting in various communities

Love Heralds is made up of students (Senior high and tertiary students), professionals, full-time and lay ministers.

Love Heralds has its headquarters in Ghana. However, Love Heralds has
partners and Heralds in about 23 countries globally and counting

The Director of Love Heralds is Missionary Pastor King. He has initiated many missionary exploits. He is an author, an international speaker and a life coach.

He has mentored and discipled many young people to be a blessing

to their world and into the task of missions.

Love Heralds get its funding from partners who share in the vision and give to support missions. These includes; Individual Christians, churches, organizations and companies.

i. Go: Join Love Heralds for local and international missions

a. Volunteer: Love Heralds gives you the opportunity to use your skills and abilities to serve the Lord. You can volunteer for attachment, or take a leave for missions. Join Love Heralds to make impact in the lives of several others across Africa and the world.

b. Full time ministry: full time missionaries are individuals who do missions as their career, serving the Lord in various fields around the clock. You can sign up to be a full time minister.

ii. Pray: You can spend at least 15minutes everyday to pray for Love Heralds missionaries and the ministry.

iii. Give: You can give to support Love Heralds in kind or cash. Giving in kind includes giving technical logistics, building materials, resources, Soup Kitchen needs, etc. You can also decide to give weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Sign up to be a giver today.