Discipal is an initiative of Love Heralds International to give young Christians especially from Senior high school, and tertiary campuses the opportunity to have a Christian mentor or discipler in their lives.

Having a Christian mentor or friend in your life.

Love Heralds International has disciplers and pals from different walks of life who are eager to pick or choose a new friend that they can  team up with to help grow in the Lord. Any participant that sign up will be linked to one discipler or other who will become a life coach, a Christian friend who can stand together with you to encourage you and motivate you in growing in the Lord.


To provide the platform that enables Christians especially young Christians to grow and mature in the knowledge of God. Also, a platform for educating and building the knowledge of missions in relating to every Christian sending the Gospel. It also enables every participant to be informed about the need and the task of missions and the opportunity to be part of it at a convenient time. It helps every Christian not just to be a religious believer but a practical believer who will grow and know the Lord and have someone who can stand with you, encourage you,support you in growing in the Lord and various challenges as a christian.

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